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Calathea Pinstripe

Calathea Ornata

The plant is known for its large leaves that have a distinctive pattern and effervescent colours. Calathea Ornata commonly known as “Calathea Pinstripe ” with its elongated, dark green leaves that are lined with electric pink stripes. The pinstripes are so delicate that they look like brushstrokes, contrasting beautifully with plant’s deep green leaves and dark purple undersides. Give Calathea Pinstripe a central place in your home and this indoor plant is sure to draw comments and admiration.

General Care

Its ideal temperature is between 18-23°C.

Calathea ornata prefers medium to bright indirect light

Water once or twice a week. During the winter months reduce watering frequency.

Grow Medium:
A peat based potting mix with organic material is ideal.

Feed with an organic liquid fertilizer during active growth.

Ensure high humidity and consistent soil moisture.

Common Problems
Common problems with Calathea Ornata are browning tips of the leaves, and significant leaf curling.
Leaf browning is nearly always due to either a draught, direct sunlight, or lack of humidity.
Leaf curling means it’s needs to be watered.
The most common pests to afflict this plant include spider mites, mealy bug, scale, and aphids
Common diseases include those related to bacterial and fungal growth which can be prevented by paying attention to moisture and airflow.

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