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Coral Aloe

Aloe Striata Karabergensis

This is a fantastic sculptural aloe commonly known as “Coral Aloe” with prominent, ornamental, softly striped thin lines along the broad silvery leaves. It grows almost always as a single stemless rosette; older plants may develop a short trunk. Coral Aloe vary in color depending on amount of light; in very intense light the foliage is reddish and in low light they will be bluish-green, leaves go pink in winter when it gets cold.

General Care

Place in bright, indirect sunlight or artificial light. Aloe that are kept in low light often grow etiolated.

Water about every 3 weeks and even more sparingly during the winter. Use your finger to test dryness before watering. If the potting mix stays wet, the plants’ roots can begin to rot.

Feed with a succulent fertilizer in the summer only.

Low humidity is required.

Prefers warm weather from 21ºC to 27ºC, but can survive temperature as low as 4.5ºC

Grow Medium:
Porous and well-drained succulents mix. Avoid letting water sit for too long in the soil.

Common Problems
Black leaf spot – This may be caused by a variety of fungal or bacterial infections, and is more likely when plants are under stress due to excessive moisture or high temperatures combined with high humidity. Spray with fungicide.
Rust- This is an aggressive fungus. Cut off or remove heavily infected leaves and dispose in a closed plastic bag – do not leave on the compost heap.
White scale, aphids and mealie bugs – Use an organic contact pesticide to spray affected areas. After this a preventative spraying is optional. These pests can also be removed with a strong jet of water.

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