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Coral Cactus

Rhipsalis Cereuscula

Rhipsalis Cereuscula known as “Coral Cactus” are popular indoor cacti with bushy stems that grow long and make a striking trailing plant in hanging pots. No need to worry about the spines on this cactus; they’re gentle and safe to touch.

General Care

Bright and medium light is ideal.

Water once every two weeks. Allow soil to dry slightly between watering.

Grow Medium:
These cacti prefer to be in a soil largely composed of organic material, such as peat or sphagnum moss, This type of soil would commonly be used for orchids, bromeliads or other epiphytic plants and provides excellent drainage.

Room temperature throughout the year with a winter minimum of 15 °C.

It grows best in humid environments.

Feed regularly with an organic fertilizer for best results.

Common Problems
Coral cactus is susceptible to a few common pests including mealybugs and spider mites. To get rid of the scale insects, apply rubbing alcohol with cotton or spray an organic pesticide to eliminate spider mites.
The evergreen shrub is prone to common plant diseases such as powdery mildew, root rot, and fungal rots. Spray an organic fungicide on all affected areas.

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