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Zingiber Officinale

Zingiber Officinale commonly known as “Ginger” is an herbaceous perennial that can be grown in large containers as a houseplant or patio plant (alone or in mixed containers) for a tropical effect. Ginger is used as a spice for cooking, teas, and baking. It can be used dried, fresh, chopped or grated.

General Care

Place your ginger pot in a warm, partly shaded.

The ideal growing temperature is 24-29°C.

Water twice a week.

Ginger likes 40-50% relative humidity. You can mist it to help maintain humidity levels.

Grow Medium:
It prefers well-drained, nutrient rich potting mix.

Use an organic liquid fertilizer 2 to 3 times per month during growing season.

Common Problems
Bacterial Wilt. Caused by a bacteria, bacterial wilt is evident by signs of water stress despite adequate watering and leaves yellowing from bottom to top Rhizomes will be water-soaked in appearance or have water-soaked areas and bacterial ooze. There is no practical treatment.
Fusarium Yellows. You may instead find yellow and stunted shoots scattered among otherwise healthy plants. When you pull the rhizome, instead may have considerable dry rot. There is no practical treatment.
Root-knot Nematode. it gives rhizomes a somewhat lumpy, corked or cracked appearance. You’re more likely to notice this after harvest, but unless it’s seriously infected, your plant may be otherwise healthy.
Most ginger pathogens are soil-borne, making it very hard to avoid exposure without starting with very sterile soil.
Most important is to keep ginger plants relatively dry, since bacteria and fungus require lots of moisture to thrive.

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