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Top 5 beginner friendly plants that anyone can grow

Beginning to grow plants can be a daunting experience, here’s a list of fuss free starter plants that will help inspire confidence in your indoor gardening abilities! (give these fuss free “starter’ plants a go to help inspire confidence in your indoor gardening abilities!)

Peperomia Orbifolia green

Also referred to as ‘baby rubber plant’, this plant will add a dash of green to any desk or shelf with its waxy, perfectly round leaves without any stress. Keep out of direct sunlight and water every 10-14 days to keep this plant happy and looking as lush as the day you got it. Perfect for gifting to a first time plant parent.

Monstera deliciosa

These plants are popular for a reason! A statement floor plan, monsteras are well suited to a wide range of lighting situations and are low in pest and disease concerns/pressures, making this tropical plant with its distinctive large leaves an easy pick. Give the plant a ¼ turn every week to keep your plant looking full.

Snake plant

Available in a range of different sizes, shapes and colours (including some local varieties/species), There’s a variety/one to suit any need and fit any space. from massive floor plant to compact desk plant, these low maintenance succulents/snake plants have the added benefit of filtering the air. While these plants are tolerant of lower light, bright to medium will give you best the results.

Zz plant

Known as the quintessential ‘low light’ plant, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia will survive in a wide range of light conditions, from medium, low light to artificial light. Its waxy green leaves and thick upright stems will add low maintenance greenery to almost any environment/space.

With infrequent watering about once per month and bounce-back-ability second to none, It probably doesn’t get very much more low maintenance than this.

Rubber tree

Broad glossy elliptic leaves in Colours ranging from goth-y deep burgundy to classic mid-green to pastel blush pink with cream variegation, there’s a ficus elastica to fit in any colour scheme/story.


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